Services offered

What we offer

We provide a wide range of both specific and general financial consulting services.

Starting a business abroad can be a complicated process, considering the vast cultural and commercial differences among nations. This is particularly true for Japan, where countless rules exist with few explanations.

Before implementing any business plan, we highly recommend consulting with qualified professionals. With nearly 25 years’ experience in the Japanese market, plus a deep understanding of international business practices, count on ARAI & CO. to steer your company on the right path.

Services offered


  • Including monthly reporting to head offices


  • Including preparation of tax returns and compliance work


  • Including social insurance, labor insurance and preparation of payroll slips

Bills payment

  • Including processing of expenses, payroll, tax and all other bills—we ensure our clients’ finances are securely managed

General business consulting

Auditing and Assurance

  • Due diligence review for M&As
  • Corporate valuation